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New start in spring

Spring always simbolises something new. My site has reborned too, but for the English speakers it’s the first time they can read the content. I had a small self-made PHP site since 18th January 2006, and I closed it down this week, at the 24 February 2009. And today Drupal emerged to be the ancestor, and to arrange every content which should pop out of my not well organized mind.


XHTML 2 discontinued

The W3C announced that it will drop XHTML 2 in favor of HTML 5. It’s a sad thing because the XML well-formedness could have spared a lot of effort and processing power on different platforms. It easier to write an XML parser, than an SGML parser and since Leonardo Da Vinci we all know that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication so I feel XHTML more symphatic. But we shouldn’t fear, the guys previously working on XHTML2 will boost the finishing of HTML5, and after it is finished, we will have an XHTML5 :).