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Quest for a fast desktop

I’m a Linux user for a little more then a year. I always favoured Debian and Xfce, but I really tried out a lot of distros, and some desktop environments. But I like Debian for it’s stability, and Xfce for it’s nice design but fast speed. Last month the Xfce team released the next stable 4.6, with a tons of nice features I wanted to try out. Debian still has no packages from that, but yesterday I felt really brave to compile it. I went for the graphical install package which is an easy way to install it. It had a few dependencies, but since I got Debian installing dev packages goes really fast. After 30 minutes or so, I had the 4.6 installed and running. Almost. Because the new settings manager didn’t worked, and that’s the same reason the xfconf package is missing from experimental I guess.


New start in spring

Spring always simbolises something new. My site has reborned too, but for the English speakers it’s the first time they can read the content. I had a small self-made PHP site since 18th January 2006, and I closed it down this week, at the 24 February 2009. And today Drupal emerged to be the ancestor, and to arrange every content which should pop out of my not well organized mind.



This word doesn’t exist, but my site eventually went through this process. Instead of the old shattered and torn code the PHP magician Drupal mixes the soup which my site is. I’ve got all my old content here but this is the first time that my page is bilingual. If you want to read more about the past of the page, and the future I have in mind, please read about that in my blog.