Gnash Summer Project Seeks Donations

Open Media Now has the goal that Gnash gets support for flash 9 at the end of the summer. They will hire students, obviously just like the GSOC and will ran through the AS3 libraries. The project still needs 75,000 dollars, but you can help too. I’ve already donated, and now I’m making my blog readers aware of it.

An open-source flash player is quite essential, because Adobe keeps his Linux player support on a bare minimum. We only have a stable (and slow) 32 bit plugin, the 64 bit plugin is in an alpha state, and almost every haXe movies crash the browsers. We already have some great open source flash production tools, and now we will have a great open source player too. It’s quite the leap for flash, and it’s required because Microsoft’s Silverlight is making progress as Moonlight in the open source scene.